How To: Build a Stock Watch List

October 20, 2011 WALL STREET 7

A key concept for new investors to grasp is the importance of choosing a basket of stocks and watching them like a hawk every single trading day. In this article we’ll go over a couple of methods to monitor stocks with a custom watch list and work with market data. As usual we prefer free versus paid in almost every circumstance, so all of these methods are free or cheap, and relatively easy to setup.

Updates to StockRants Sept 19th, 2011

September 19, 2011 WALL STREET 1

I hope investors are enjoying the summer as well as the deep discounts the market has once again presented us with. Lots of great opportunities to start building a portfolio rolling into the final quarter of 2011.

We’ve made some updates to StockRants under the hood and wanted to post a quick update detailing the changes. We also have an announcement regarding submitting articles or other contributions.

The World MoneyShow Comes to Vancouver

August 19, 2011 WALL STREET 2

The World MoneyShow is coming to Vancouver September 19-21, 2011. At the expo you can meet face to face with leading investment experts and maybe even get answers to your most burning financial questions.

Discover cutting-edge investment opportunities and gain insight on how to best position your portfolio for profit, in 2011 and beyond.

List of NASDAQ / NYSE Stock Halt Codes

August 2, 2011 WALL STREET 0

A common question: “I woke up this morning to find stock XYZ corp. halted pending news. Now what?”

While a halted stock is normally the result of some pending news or other action that is expected to move its price, this is not always the case. Here is a complete list of the most common halt codes and their meaning.

How To: Choose an Online Broker

July 5, 2011 WALL STREET 0

The good news about trading in the days of iPads and wifi internet, is the sheer number of killer options you have when choosing an online broker. These days with so many players in the game we’ve come to expect a lot from our brokerage services.  

With so many choices how do you know which online broker is the best for you?

Form a Trading Strategy or Style

June 28, 2011 WALL STREET 1

So before you slap all your hard earned money into the markets all willy nilly, you need to start thinking about what you hope to get out of this, and more importantly, what types of risk you are willing to take on to get there.

What type of trader or investor are you? Here are the main strategies or styles most of us deploy.

How To: Keep a Trading Journal

June 22, 2011 WALL STREET 4

Another simple yet key concept I was lucky to learn early was to keep a detailed trading journal. This is not only important for learning from your mistakes and triumphs, but it is a good habit to get into for keeping you sane at tax time.

There are two techniques I use for keeping a trade journal and both are really simple and effective.

The Best Stock Market Websites

June 20, 2011 WALL STREET 1

If you want to be a Jedi master, you’re going to need a light saber. Prior to the online trading revolution of the late 90’s most traders needed to fork out mega cash to get even a basic data feed, often over a slow dial-up modem. You can be thankful those days are behind us.

Here is a list of the best stock market websites to keep you current and help hone your trading and investing skills.

Okay I Want to be a Stock Trader – Now What?

June 16, 2011 WALL STREET 0

This article kicks off the Beginner’s Guide to Online Trading, a series of articles for, you guessed it, the trading n00bs out there. In the series I’ll describe my trading methods, the best tools, and real strategies for reducing risk.

Since we get asked novice trader questions daily in the chat and forums, I thought it would be useful to get a beginner’s guide built for easy reference. Hit the jump to get started.

StockRants Refresh Underway

April 18, 2011 WALL STREET 3

StockRants was launched shortly after the 2008 stock market crash as a friendly place where investors or traders could meet and discuss the markets, investing, and other strategies. Now that we’ve ridden through, arguably, the buckingest bull market in history, what’s next for 2011? How about a refresh for Stockrants!

We’ll be rolling out changes and features slowly over the next few weeks.