StocksToTrade Review: A Market Intelligence Tool That Takes the Gamble Out of Stock Trading

Thanks to new fintech solutions such as Robinhood, Ally Invest, and eToro, it is now incredibly easy for anybody to participate on Wall Street as a trader on an investor.

However, stock trading is a ruthless binary game. You either make money on your trades or lose money on the trades. Many new traders don’t yet quite understand the complexities of stock trading and many people are gambling with stocks rather than trading stocks in the actual sense of the word.

If you buy and sell stocks based on your guts, hunches, or recommendations from your gym instructor, you are gambling or speculating at best, and you’ll most likely lose money over the long term. But, what if there was a way to empower stock traders to make informed trading decisions rather than gambling?

Cue, StocksToTrade, a market intelligence and stock trading platform designed to help anyone trade stocks on Wall Street like a professional.

What is StocksToTrade?

StocksToTrade is an all-in-one trading platform that provides traders with the tools for analyzing and identifying potentially profitable trades on their own without the assistance of a professional stockbroker.

Over the last decade, StocksToTrade has helped thousands of new and experienced traders improve their understanding of the market to make smarter trading decisions. StocksToTrade has powered hundreds of thousands of trades for traders in different parts of the world and it doesn’t seem to be slowing down.

StocksToTrade’s Features

Market Screener

It is very difficult to manually sift through the thousands of publicly traded stocks on the U.S. stock market. Sifting through the stocks in a sector alone is a tough order and an attempt to manually sort through the stocks in an entire industry or the whole market would be a futile exercise.

However, without being able to scour the market for the best stocks to trade, you will be limited to trading only a few stocks that you know, probably because of their products/services or because they somehow made the news.

However, to place consistently profitable trades, you need to stay ahead of the news. Buying the rumor and selling the news holds true for traders and investors alike, and if you only trade in stocks that made the news, you are potentially leaving a lot of money on the table.

StocksToTrade makes it easy for traders to sift through the stock market through an inbuilt market screener on its platform. For instance, you can use the predefined scans to find stocks that are top gainers or top losers. You can use the scans to find stocks that are in a breakout, pullback, or rebound.

You can also custom build your scans to find stocks that have specific characteristics based on fundamentals, technical indicators, or market sentiment. The best part is that you can save your custom scans for future use.


Charting is a critical component of technical analysis for stock traders. The quality of the charting tool available to you determines the depth of technical analysis you are able to do and the robustness of the trading set up that you can implement. The technical analysis and the trade setup in turn form the bedrock of your trading strategy.

StocksToTrade provides best-in-class charting tools that support a vast selection of essential momentum indicators. StocksToTrade charting tool contains everything from MACD, Stochastic, Bolinger bands, Moving averages, and pivot points. You can change the charting view to display different time frames ranging from minute-by-minute trading to monthly intervals to give you both granular and broad perspectives on the market.

The best part is that you can view multiple charts simultaneously using the tab function and you can switch between the different tabs at will. You can also change the view on the chart to display line charts, bar charts, or candlesticks. You also get to choose the different colors and settings for each of the indicators displayed on your charts.

Market Scans

Sometimes you are eager to jump into the market but you may not know exactly where to start. StocksToTrade provides a powerful market scan tool that makes it easier for you to identify potential high-momentum stocks from which you can begin your research and technical analysis.

The Scan tool contains preset scans that generate results of stocks currently undergoing different types of market momentum. You can scan for the biggest gainers or losers by price or scan for the biggest gainers or losers my percentages. You could even search for those stocks within narrow frames of specific prices or specific time frames. You could also use the scan to find stocks that have recently made market-moving news such as earnings reports within predefined timeframes.


The Scan tool is a great tool for getting a wide overview of stocks that are already in on the move. But what if you could find stocks that are building momentum for a significant move? ORACLE is a proprietary algorithmic solution that StocksToTrade provides to help users find stocks that are about to make big moves.

The ORACLE algorithm is designed to analyze past big winners and identify the specific trade setup, market sentiments, and trading dynamics that might have influenced those big moves.

The ORACLE algorithm then goes out to find other stocks that seem to be replicating the same set of conditions. The data is cross-referenced against historical data and ORACLE generates a board filled with different stocks about to make big moves across different sectors that you might have not even considered.

Level 2 Data

Level 2 data refers to information about the listed quotes of a stock, data from the order book of the stock, and data from the price book. When properly analyzed, Level 2 data can be incredibly useful for getting insights on the supply and dynamics of a stock.

Data on the supply and demand dynamics in turn helps you know if you should place a long or short trade and it also helps you know what your order size should be relative to the prevailing liquidity.

Level 2 data is one of the key features that sets professional Wall Street traders apart from regular everyday traders. And it is not surprising that many trading platforms do not include Level 2 data in their offerings.

However, StocksToTrade is intentional about providing all traders with access to professional-grade market intelligence and trading tools. Hence, you have a chance to add Level 2 data to your suite of market intelligence products with an active StocksToTrade account.

Subscription and Pricing

The StocksToTrade platform is offered with a subscription-based model priced at $179.95 per month. There’s an annual plan billed at $1899.50 to give you savings of $250 on the monthly plan. Skeptics who want to test out StocksToTrade before committing to the monthly or annual plan can get a 14-day trial subscription priced at $7.

When we compare StocksToTrade to other trading platforms, the pricing tends to be somewhat pricey relative to the competition. However, when you consider the fact that StocksToTrade is a stock trading platform and market intelligence tool all rolled into one, the pricing seems to be fair.

Also, StocksToTrade already has more than 30,000 traders using the platform; and the large number suggests that the service is reasonably priced for the value that it offers.

Final Verdict

We think that StocksToTrade isn’t particularly suited to investors or people who trade infrequently. However, if you are an active trader or if you trade infrequently with a large trading capital, then you’ll be in a much better position to justify the expense.

Also, if you are new to stock trading, the platform might look somewhat intimidating at first glance. However, you’ll soon find out that it is intuitive with the user journey properly mapped out and the different features housed in different panels. More importantly, StocksToTrade has a well-equipped tutorial center filled with tons of lessons on how to get the best out of the platform and to ultimately improve your trading expertise.

We think StocksToTrade delivers on its promise to provide stock traders with access to professional-grade trading tools and market intelligence. If you want to trade stocks like a pro without handing over your money to a Wall Street professional, StocksToTrade will give you access to the tools you need to make informed trading decisions that significantly improves the odds of your trading success.

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