Apple is working on a completely new Jesus Phone

The Information was one of the first to leak Vision Pro several years ago, and they revealed quite a bit last January. Now they are back with very interesting information about a brand new generation iPhone.

Supposed to have developed the folding iPhone since before 2018 The newspaper reports that Apple has two folding iPhones that are in the prototype stage and that the company has already spent over five years on development. These are mobiles that fold like a Samsung Galaxy Flip and not Fold. According to sources with knowledge of the plans, the potential products are still in an early development phase. Apparently, Apple has no plans to launch them this year or next year, but there is a small opening for it to happen in 2026.

But it is so concrete that the company has spoken to a manufacturer in Asia in connection with components for the folding mobile phone, which supposedly comes in two sizes. It is quite possible that Apple cancels the entire project, but the status right now is that they continue development.

An folding iPad mini may come first to test the market Tim Cook must have been interested in such an iPhone since at least 2018. This is the same year he was able to demonstrate an iPhone with a 7-inch screen, and he must have been so impressed that he gave the green light to further development. Apple’s original plan was that the screen should be on the outside and that such a folding mobile phone should not be thicker than a traditional iPhone when the folding mobile phone is closed.

At the same time, the same sources warn that Apple paused the development of folding iPhones in 2020 (we understand that they are still working on the project, but that the goal in the first instance is not to launch them) and instead set their sights on an iPad that folds inwards . This includes an iPad mini with an 8-inch screen. The advantage of trying it with the iPad first is that customers will accept a thicker device, and Apple will be able to test the concept for a less important product group than the iPhone, which is still the company’s most important.

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