Nightmare of Proportions

Container shipping companies are still sailing lucratively on previously entered into long-term contracts, but experts believe that new contracts at much lower levels beyond the year will hit the accounts hard. Håkon Jystad says the […]

Norway on Alert

Norway does not have air defenses that can stop missiles that Russia uses in Ukraine. The combat air bases with the billion-dollar F-35 aircraft can be put out of action if there is a war. […]


Spetalen Speaks Out

When even the country’s capital owners flee the country, it is no wonder that foreign investors lose confidence in the Norwegian economy, says investor Øystein Stray Spetalen. Crimes politicans for weak krone: Investor Øystein Stray […]

Point of No Return

Language bots have taken the world by storm this winter. Chinese companies have been world leaders in the development and commercialization of artificial intelligence. Now they can be left behind. Chinese authorities have been clear […]


OptionsHouse Review: Plus Trade Free for 60 Days

OptionsHouse is a favourite for those looking to get great contracts at some of the best prices in the industry. Like most options brokerages rates are structured to be a better value for active traders, and transaction prices recently got changed from $3.95 to $4.95 per trade.

Even with the increase this is still pretty much the best price in the industry. Personally I find my trading dollar goes a lot further at OptionsHouse. […]


Marketclub Review

In my experience trend following strategies and those focused around support and resistance levels have proven to be effective for a long period of time. It’s always a bit more complicated in practice, but after all the trend is your friend.  

Having said that, a membership at Marketclub by INO is very much a trend following strategy, and a pretty decent one at that. […]