StockRants Refresh Underway

New!StockRants was launched shortly after the 2008 stock market crash as a friendly place where investors or traders could meet and discuss the markets, investing, and other strategies. Now that we’ve ridden through, arguably, the buckingest bull market in history, what’s next for 2011? How about a refresh for Stockrants!

We’ve been hard at work crafting a rebuild for the website, and will be rolling out changes and features slowly over the next few days or weeks. The major bells and whistles are

  • A shiny new WordPress install with a slick custom template (this one!).
  • Daily news, trading and other stock market videos.
  • We are now a licensed content syndicator and publish 500+ timely market related articles and press releases per day.
  • A group blog platform – writers wanted!
  • And of course we still have the best live IRC stock chat room on the internet, which has also been updated with new software.

We hope you find the new features useful, and if you spot a bug or have a recommendation, please let us know.

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