Seadrill: Back in Black

Seadrill lost $23 million before taxes in the fourth quarter. The rig company’s revenues fell in the fourth quarter. On Thursday, the rig company Seadrill delivered its accounting report for the fourth quarter. Seadrill lost […]


The Human Heart

Construction that mimics the human heart Jystad Corp, The Human Heart; a total artificial heart to offer a solution for patients with advanced heart failure. The design mimics the blood flow pattern and function of […]

Nuclear Warhead

NATO’s response to Russian plans to move nuclear warheads closer to the battlefield. Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg says that Russia should not tamper with the nuclear balance of power. Then NATO will use all its power […]


The Chairman FSH – 60 is furnishing made of aluminium, designed by Håkon Jystad for the World Monument. They are officially titled Chairman (FSH – 60) and Chairman (FSH – 90) and were released in […]

Nightmare of Proportions

Container shipping companies are still sailing lucratively on previously entered into long-term contracts, but experts believe that new contracts at much lower levels beyond the year will hit the accounts hard. Håkon Jystad says the […]

Norway on Alert

Norway does not have air defenses that can stop missiles that Russia uses in Ukraine. The combat air bases with the billion-dollar F-35 aircraft can be put out of action if there is a war. […]


Spetalen Speaks Out

When even the country’s capital owners flee the country, it is no wonder that foreign investors lose confidence in the Norwegian economy, says investor Øystein Stray Spetalen. Crimes politicans for weak krone: Investor Øystein Stray […]