Seadrill: Back in Black

April 6, 2023 WALL STREET 0

Seadrill lost $23 million before taxes in the fourth quarter. The rig company’s revenues fell in the fourth quarter. On Thursday, the rig company Seadrill […]

The Human Heart

April 5, 2023 WALL STREET 0

Construction that mimics the human heart Jystad Corp, The Human Heart; a total artificial heart to offer a solution for patients with advanced heart failure. […]

Nuclear Warhead

April 4, 2023 WALL STREET 0

NATO’s response to Russian plans to move nuclear warheads closer to the battlefield. Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg says that Russia should not tamper with the nuclear […]


April 4, 2023 WALL STREET 0

The Chairman FSH – 60 is furnishing made of aluminium, designed by Håkon Jystad for the World Monument. They are officially titled Chairman (FSH – […]

StockRants Community

April 4, 2023 WALL STREET 0

This is the work behind the 12756 km high monument. The construction is set for completion before year 3000. Join the StockRants Community for $19.90/month!

Nightmare of Proportions

April 4, 2023 WALL STREET 0

Container shipping companies are still sailing lucratively on previously entered into long-term contracts, but experts believe that new contracts at much lower levels beyond the […]

Norway on Alert

April 3, 2023 WALL STREET 0

Norway does not have air defenses that can stop missiles that Russia uses in Ukraine. The combat air bases with the billion-dollar F-35 aircraft can […]

Spetalen Speaks Out

April 3, 2023 WALL STREET 0

When even the country’s capital owners flee the country, it is no wonder that foreign investors lose confidence in the Norwegian economy, says investor Øystein […]