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Zecco UpdateLast Friday Zecco CEO Mike Raneri made a blog post introducing the upcoming release of their new Trading Center, going into a pilot period with select users. I had a chance to get a preview and take a glimpse of a few of the updates and wanted to share them here.

Update: Jan 25th, 2013 – Zecco was bought by Tradeking in late 2012. TradeKing has the same great prices and platform as Zecco had.

Zecco is a discount online broker featuring $4.95 equities and 65¢ option trades. Check with Zecco for the latest promotions.

Update: Who doesn’t like to win $500? The guys over at Zecco just reminded me they’re having a $500 sweepstakes drawing every week for the next 10 weeks! Check out their Facebook page for more details.

First thing to mention is the new extended hours trading. So this will allow for trades in pre-market and after-market action. Way to go Zecco, this was an often requested feature.

The new interface looks pretty sleek with a nice one-screen view of all of your holdings and balances. See below (click for larger).

Zecco Balances and Positions page

The stocks order screen showing a quote is seen below (click for larger).

Zecco  Stock Order Page

What really looks useful are the conditional order ticket items, allowing you to set up some sophisticated adaptive trades normally reserved for dedicated trading apps. Conditional order types including One-Triggers-Others (OTO), One-Cancels-Other (OCO) and contingent orders are now available. See below (click for larger).

Zecco  Advanced Orders page now has OTO and OCO

For options traders Zecco now has a few more features, including pre-built options strategy trading that makes options trades easier to place and monitor. See below (click for larger).

Zecco  Options Strategy Chain

A video detailing more of the changes implemented in the pilot program can be seen at this page on Zecco.

The new Zecco Trading Center software should be implemented sometime this winter, possibly even before the end of the year. Check with Zecco for the latest promotions. For more of our favorite brokers check out our list of the best online brokers.

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