Author Explains How Creating a New Definition of Manhood and Masculinity Can Help Heal America

Author Explains How Creating a New Definition of Manhood and Masculinity Can Help Heal America

800,000 more women than men on payrolls in January 2010; for the first time in American history there are now a million more female college graduates than male; as recently as 2000 it was the opposite: there were a million more men than women with a bachelor’s or graduate degree

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HOUSTON, July 11, 2012 /PRNewswire/ — Now that women have surpassed men in the U.S. workforce and in college graduation rates, the roles of men have changed dramatically. The problem is too many men are having difficulty accepting these new roles. From being stay-at-home dads to no longer being the primary breadwinner, many men are struggling and are now asking themselves, “what does it mean to be a man?”

Author, motivational speaker and radio show host Coach Michael Taylor believes that despite the uncertainty and confusion some men are experiencing, these changing roles for men are actually good for the country and can actually help eradicate some of the social issues that plague our country.

“I believe that men are tired and frustrated with the antiquated male roles of society. Men are beginning to ask themselves deeper questions like, how can I create deeper more intimate relationships, what can I do to become a more involved father and connect with my children, how can I find a career that fulfills me and brings me joy while providing adequate income for me and my family. These are the types of questions which, when truly answered, can help decrease high divorce rates, eradicate fatherlessness and cut down on male suicide rates and will ultimately redefine manhood for a lot of men,” states Coach Taylor.

Taylor is introducing men to a new paradigm of masculinity and asking them to join his revolution which he calls A New Conversation With Men. In this revolution he is encouraging men to be open to becoming better husbands and better fathers and to make relationships, physical fitness, spirituality and community service high priority in their lives.

He is perfectly suited to lead this revolution because he walks his talk and practices what he preaches. Back in 1989 he went through a divorce, bankruptcy, foreclosure and a deep state of depression in which he contemplated suicide. Now happily married, a successful entrepreneur, author, motivational speaker and radio show host, he is leading the charge of empowering men to reach their full potential and he has become the Pied Piper of male transformation and personal development.

“Every man has the capacity to create a rewarding and fulfilling life; unfortunately there aren’t many resources that support men in doing so. A New Conversation With Men is my attempt to provide men with a forum that challenges them to be courageous enough to redefine masculinity and learn to become genuinely happy with all aspects of their lives.

“So if you have bought in to the negative male stereotypes that men are testosterone-driven, sex-crazed Neanderthals that only think about sex, sports, money and material possessions, think again. There is a new revolution brewing and it’s called A New Conversation With Men and it’s empowering men to redefine manhood and masculinity and it is changing the way men see themselves for the better,” concludes Taylor.

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